Mayor Raggi to Delay Decision on Rome 2024 Olympic Bid Until October

Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi (Twitter Photo)ANSA reports that Virginia Raggi, Mayor of Rome, said Tuesday she would decide on the city’s bid for the 2024 Olympics in October.

Raggi told a local publication “October is a good month for drawing conclusions.  We have never precluded dialogue…but for now our position remains unchanged – first we will attend to potholes, waste, transport, then we will evaluate the extraordinary”.  She also said she “wouldn’t hesitate” to call a referendum on the issue if Romans asked for one.

The Italian Radical Party has organized a referendum campaign and are in the process of collecting the required 30,000 signatures needed for a vote to move forward.  Raggi would still need to reverse municipal decisions made earlier in the year that ruled out any possible referendum before it can be finalized.

Rome faces an October 7 deadline to submit phase 2 documents to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that will cover “Governance, Legal and Venue Funding.”  Those documents are to include details on government support and any public opinion polls that have been carried out.

On Tuesday a bid working group led by Annamaria Graziano of the City Council focused on reviewing the work already done and the technical and financial information produced over the past months by the various subgroups and round tables relating to the Olympics.

A statement by the bid committee said this meeting was moved to July in order to provide more information for the newly elected Raggi ahead of October deadline.

In December the IOC will determine which bids will be permitted to enter phase 3.

IOC President Thomas Bach (left) with Italian Premier Matteo Renzi in Lausanne January 21, 2016 (IOC Photo)

IOC President Thomas Bach (left) with Italian Premier Matteo Renzi in Lausanne January 21, 2016 (IOC Photo)

Roggi said she was to meet with Premier Matteo Renzi “straight after the summer” and that the renegotiation of Rome’s massive debt would be top of the agenda.  Renzi is a strong advocate of the Olympic bid.


Rome last hosted the Games in 1960 and was defeated in a bid for the 2004 Games.  The Italian capital was forced to withdraw from the 2020 Olympic bid after it failed to secure federal backing.

Rome is bidding for the 2024 Games along with Los Angeles, Paris and Budapest.  The IOC is to select a host city in September 2017.