LA 2024’s Year Ahead Will Help Shape America’s Future: Olympic Bid Chief

The Los Angeles 2024 Olympic Games bid marked the start of the final year of the campaign with the public release of its “Dream City” video that was first seen in the bid presentation room at USA house during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The video “showcases LA’s forward-looking spirit of innovation, creativity and optimism through the eyes of Angeleno children describing their “dream city,” the bid said in a statement.

“Children’s voices overlay footage of the world-famous assets that make Los Angeles a global hub of entertainment and the ideal setting for sports competitions, such as beaches, mountains, cultural attractions, motion picture studios, and iconic sporting venues.”

For the Golden State to realize its dreams for 2024, the year ahead will need to be intense, competing against rivals Budapest, Paris and Rome.

But in an op ed penned by bid Chief Casey Wasserman Tuesday to mark the milestone date, he says he believes the work over the next year, if successful, will be transitional for the future of America.

“Having just returned from the Paralympics, I saw firsthand the true emotional power of what the Olympic Movement can do to bring people together, locally and globally, instead of separating us as different races, creeds and nationalities.

“And that’s just what our country needs — a showcase of the values and benefits of looking outward, of engaging with the world, rather than looking inward.”

LA 2024 Bid Chief Casey Wasserman at Rio 2016 (GamesBids Photo)

LA 2024 Bid Chief Casey Wasserman at Rio 2016 (GamesBids Photo)

A bump in the road to Lima, where on September 13 next year the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will elect the host city, could be the U.S. Presidential Election in November.  Republican Donald Trump is seen as that “inward-looking” candidate who is alienating people from many nations abroad with his aggressive protectionist stance.

A win by Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton – who is already a friendly face for Olympic family – will be a silent victory as well for LA 2024.

The Olympic bid race is fueled by friendship and personal relationships and the IOC will be reluctant to partner with a nation that it cannot trust.

“We leave Rio even more convinced of LA 2024’s vision to ‘Follow the Sun,’ which goes beyond LA’s famous sunshine, our youthful beach culture and our Olympic weather,” Wasserman added.

“To us, ‘Follow the Sun’ is about our city’s unequaled focus on and belief in the future and reinvention. We are benefactors of the unshakable American optimism in what lies ahead, and of California’s unique ethos and approach to life.”

L.A. has successfully hosted the Games twice, in 1932 and 1984.  For 2024 the bid promises to use mostly existing venues, including some that have been used at previous Games, so that it can focus more on the experience and less on construction.  This method also fits well with the IOC’s Olympic Agenda 2020 that underlines the value of low cost and sustainable Games plans.

“Our goal at LA 2024 is to raise the bar even higher, and to deliver to the Olympic Movement a magical, modern Games that sets new benchmarks for the future with no risk, no worry and no surprises.

“It is going to be a fantastic year as we Follow the Sun to progress,” Wasserman said.

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