IOC President Sees Paris 2024 Plans Aligned With Agenda 2020

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, and a senior Paris 2024 bid delegation, met Friday with International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach and his team to discus Paris’ bid for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

IOC President Thomas Bach Welcomes Paris Mayor Ann Hidalgo to discuss Olympic Bid (Paris 2024 Photo)

IOC President Thomas Bach Welcomes Paris Mayor Ann Hidalgo to discuss Olympic Bid (IOC Photo)

The Paris 2024 delegation included bid co-chairman Bernard Lapasset and IOC member Tony Estanguet.

President Bach said he was delighted and honoured by the mayor’s visit, adding “we feel that the Paris candidature is really unified.  Your file is solid and your approach is in line with the principles of Olympic Agenda 2020, especially with regard to sustainability and legacy.  I congratulate you on all the work accomplished so far”, adding “we wish the Paris candidature every success”.

Hidalgo said following the meeting, “I was delighted to meet with President Bach today and hear his thoughts on how our Paris 2024 bid is progressing.  This was also an excellent opportunity to share Paris’ vision and ambition to deliver a spectacular Games in 2024 that will place sport and Olympism at the very heart of the city and across France.

“I look forward to working closely with my Paris 2024 colleagues to now take our bid to the next stage of the campaign.  Our close collaboration is a great asset for our bid that underlines the unity between the city and the sports movement.  I would like to extend my thanks to President Bach for his helpful views and for welcoming us in Lausanne”.

Lapasset added, “we are grateful for the opportunity to visit the IOC President in Lausanne today.  We are very pleased with the way our bid is evolving and we greatly value the opportunity to sense check our plans with the IOC and gain invaluable feedback at every opportunity.

“As I stepped down as World Rugby Chairman yesterday, it is a great honour for me to dedicate my full time to the Paris 2024 bid.  I had the joy of leading Rugby’s successful campaign to become an Olympic sport and I hope now my bid colleagues and I can deliver the same success for Paris 2024”.

Paris, along with 2024 Candidate Cities Budapest, Los Angeles and Rome are scheduled to meet in Lausanne from July 12 to 15 for individual workshops that will help cities prepare phase 2 deliverables around the themes “Governance, Legal and Venue funding.”  The documents are due October 7.

An installment fee of USD $50,000 is also due from bids in July.

The IOC will elect a winner September 13, 2017 in Lima, Peru.