IOC Evaluation Commission Confirms LA’s Shift To 2028 ‘Meets All Requirements’

Reporting from Lima Convention Center in Peru –  An International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Report on Los Angeles’ bid to host the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games confirms that the rescheduled plan originally set for 2024 continues to meet requirements four years later.

IOC 2024 Evaluation Commission Chair Patrick Baumann speaks in Los Angeles (GamesBids Photo)
IOC 2024 Evaluation Commission Chair Patrick Baumann speaks in Los Angeles (GamesBids Photo)

The report published Monday is largely a formality created when Los Angeles agreed to drop from the 2024 campaign to instead bid unopposed for 2028.  Under the Olympic Charter, a new Evaluation Commission needed to be formed to complete the 2028 allocation, including the report and approvals.

The report, which is primarily an update of the 2024 version released in July, will be presented to IOC Members at a Session Wednesday ahead of its expected approval and the dual-allocation of the Games to LA in 2028 and Paris in 2024.

“The report confirms that Los Angeles is ready to host the Olympic Games 2028,” Chair of the 2028 Evaluation Commission Patrick Baumann said.

The 2028 Evaluation team was comprised of the same members as the 2024 team, and they met by telephone on August 24.

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Read full 2028 Evaluation Commission Report Here


According to the report “The Commission equally concludes that the many opportunities presented by an Olympic Games 2028 in Los Angeles would far outweigh any potential risks of awarding the Games 11 years in advance instead of 7 years.

“The Evaluation Commission is confident that Los Angeles and Paris would mutually benefit from the opportunities for collaboration and shared knowledge that would result from a simultaneous award.”

An IOC statement said “The city was requested to provide information on whether the candidature it had put forward for the Olympic Games 2024 would remain valid for 2028, and indicate expected changes, including any impact such changes would have on the Games’ operations and budget.”

The compelling features of Los Angeles’ bid, including the use of UCLA for the Olympic Village and all other existing venues and planned or temporary facilities remain in the plan.  Transportation upgrades that have been scheduled to occur before 2028 are also cited in the document, as well as some budgetary changes that now account for inflation and negotiated changes to the host city contract.

It also references an investment of up to $160 million to increase youth sports programs in LA in the years leading up to the Games.

The UCLA campus will remain site of the Olympic Village (LA 2024 Image)

LA 2028 CEO Gene Sykes said “LA 2028 is grateful to Evaluation Commission Chairman Patrick Baumann and his colleagues for their confidence in our readiness to host the Games and for their expert guidance throughout this two-year process.”

“With this validation from the IOC and the tripartite agreement with the IOC and Paris, we look forward to the IOC Session in Lima and starting a new 11-year journey with the Olympic and Paralympic Movements.”

After brief presentations by Los Angeles and Paris Wednesday the IOC membership is expected to ratify the tripartite agreement, awarding both cities with their third Games next decade.

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