IOC Confirms Receipt Of Final 2024 Olympic Bid Books from Budapest, Los Angeles and Paris

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Friday confirmed that three bids for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games – Budapest, Los Angeles and Paris – have met the February 3 deadline for the submission of the third and final set of bid documents to its Lausanne, Switzerland headquarters.

The documents, that focus on the themes of games delivery, experience and venue legacy, now give the IOC bid Evaluation Commission a comprehensive view of each candidate’s plans to organize the Games.

The milestone also triggers the start of the international promotion stage and bids are now free to publicize their messages worldwide targeting IOC members, stakeholders and the general public.

“This is one of the most important milestones for the Candidate Cities and for the IOC,” Frank Fredericks, the IOC Evaluation Commission said in a statement.

“With the delivery of this third file, we can now consider each project in its entirety.

“Since the launch of the Candidature Process, we have been in constant dialogue with the cities and have seen first-hand their projects taking shape. The excitement is continuing to build as we reach the final stretch of the competition.

“We have all learned and benefited from the new philosophy promoted by Olympic Agenda 2020, and I personally very much look forward to visiting the three cities this spring.”

Frank Fredericks
2024 IOC Evaluation Commission Chair Frank Fredericks (IOC Photo)

The Evaluation Commission has organized site visits to review venues and documents.  The three-day meetings will begin in Los Angeles on April 23, Budapest on May 10 and Paris on May 14.

Expert advisers will make advance visits to the cities to make detailed analyses and collect information that can be shared with the Commission prior to their official arrivals.

On July 11 and 12, the Evaluation Commission, along with IOC Members and Summer Olympic International Federations, will be in attendance at the candidate city briefing in Lausanne where each bid will be permitted to make a presentation, set up an exhibit and answer questions.

The election of the host city will be held at the IOC all-members session scheduled September 13 in Lima, Peru.

On Thursday Los Angeles celebrated the milestone with a pre-dawn rally at the historic LA Coliseum – an Olympic venue in 1932 and 1984 and the planned venue for the closing ceremony and athletics competitions in 2024.

Paris has planned an event Friday to take place near the Eiffel Tower.  Earlier in the day the city was shaken when a French soldier wounded a man armed with a machete at the Louvre museum in what appeared to be an attempted terror attack.  Paris officials say, however, that the celebration program will move forward as planned.

The Budapest bid team is currently focused on engaging local citizens as a possible referendum over the Olympic project is considered.  The bid announced last week that the transition to the new phase would be low key and without celebration.

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DOWNLOAD LA 2024 bid book – Stage 3

DOWNLOAD Paris 2024 bid book –  Stage 3

(Budapest’s bid book will be linked when available at a later date)


More to come on this bid book submission day…

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