Budapest 2024 Hopes Formula 1 Race Gets Olympic Bid Closer To Pole Position

The Formula 1 race was in Hungary for the 30th year Sunday, giving Budapest’s bid for the 2024 Olympics some visibility and a boost.  Online tickets were sold out for the event, which was held in Magyordid town, 20 km north east of Budapest.

On the Hungaroring at the Hungarian Grand Prix (Formula 1 Twitter Photo)

On the Hungaroring at the 2016 Hungarian Formula 1 Race (F1 Twitter Photo)

Attila Mizser, Director of Sports and Venues for Budapest 2024 said, “Hungary is a popular choice for recurring sport events.  The longevity of the Formula One relationship, and the recent resigning of the agreement to take it up to 2026, are testament to this.:

“The Budapest Formula One event has never missed a year in its history.  In terms of venue delivery, the FIA Grade 1 licensed venue was completed on time and to budget, in just eight months, less time than any other Formula One circuit.

“We think statistics such as this give enormous credibility to our bid to host the Olympics in 2024.”

But the real race for Budapest is against candidates from Los Angeles, Paris and Rome.  Many analysts believe it will be L.A. and Paris closest to the pole position when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) votes for a winner September 13, 2017 after the final lap in Lima, Peru.  Rome and Budapest are considered outsiders, but not out of a race where results aren’t easily predictable.