Australia’s Coates To Support 2028 or 2032 Brisbane Olympic Bid

IOC Member John Coates at 127th IOC Session December 8, 2014 (GB Photo)

IOC Member John Coates at 127th IOC Session December 8, 2014 (GamesBids Photo)

Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) President John Coates said Thursday that he will support a 2028 or 2032 Olympic Games bid by his country should he be re-elected to lead the organization during a vote to be held Saturday.

Coates, who is also an International Olympic Committee (IOC) Vice President – and a member since 1990 – is being challenged for the role by Danielle Roche.

Late last year a group of Mayors in South East Queensland led by Brisbane gave the go-ahead for a (AUD) $2.5 million feasibility study to evaluate bidding prospects.  Coates said he’d approve the bid to move forward.

“There is debate at the moment as to who will get 2024 and 2028,” Coates told ABC in Australia. “We’ve authorised Brisbane and six supporting cities to do a feasibility study and I have the experience.”

“What I want to do, whether it’s 2028 or 2032, is to champion that in Australia and internationally.”

Brisbane Skyline

Brisbane Skyline (Photo: Lachlan Fearnley)

Los Angeles and Paris are currently in the race to host the 2024 Olympic Games but a panel of four IOC Vice Presidents – including Coates – are evaluating the possibility of awarding the runner-up with the 2028 Games, instead of launching a new bid process for those Games in two years from now.  The panel is expected to release its findings in July and the IOC will elect the host city September 13.

Should both the 2024 and 2028 Games be awarded this year, Australia could not host earlier than 2032.

Coates played a major role when Australia last hosted the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000.  Melbourne hosted the Games in 1956.

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