All Four Olympic Bid Cities Meet Stage 2 Bid Book Deadline – Including Rome

All four cities vying to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024 have met the deadline for the submission of stage 2 bid documentation.  The documents, deliverable on electronic USB drives to the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) temporary headquarters in Lausanne by midnight Friday, are one of three submissions due during the two year campaign.

2024-logos-stripThe “Governance, Legal and Venue Funding” sections of the bid book will now be analyzed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission and the results will be presented in a dashboard format to the Executive Board on December 6.  At that time the IOC will determine which bids still qualify and can move forward in the process.

There had been doubts surrounding Rome’s submission after the city’s Mayor and City Council withdrew required support of the bid last week – with the Mayor Virginia Raggi calling an end to the bid.  The Mayor reportedly sent a letter to the IOC outlining that her city was pulling out of the race.

LA 2024 bid book USB drives delivered to IOC headquarters in Lausanne

LA 2024 bid book USB drives delivered to IOC headquarters in Lausanne

However Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) officials who own the application and control the bid have yet to cancel the project and made sure the documents made it to Switzerland safely.  That leaves the status of the bid unclear, but certainly on shaky ground.  CONI President Giovanni Malago has said will hold a press conference Tuesday to outline the situation.

In the meantime, Rome remains in the race.

Budapest’s bid Chair Balázs Fürjes said “we have reached a new milestone in submitting the second stage of our proposal in Governance, Legal and Venue Funding.  We completely embrace the IOC’s new process for bidding cities, which allows us to continue to hone all aspects of our Games concept over the lifetime of the bid.”

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said “the state strongly supports Paris 2024’s bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

“We in government are delighted to offer this endorsement because we believe Paris 2024’s Games concept is ambitious, sustainable, and that it promises to maximise public investment to benefit the regional development and quality of life of people here leading up to and beyond the Games in 2024.”

LA 2024 Bid Chair Casey Wasserman said “with Part 2 of our Candidature File, LA 2024 continues to align its plans with the strengths of our city. We are eliminating unknowns and ensuring we can deliver what we promise. LA 2024 is more optimistic than ever that we can create for the Olympic Movement a high-tech, low-risk and sustainable new Games for the new era of Olympic Agenda 2020.”

There were no comments available from the Rome leadership team.

The third and final stage of documents are due into the IOC February 3, 2017.  The IOC will elect the host city September 13, 2017 in Lima, Peru.

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