2024 Olympic Bid Cities Leverage Key Meetings To Improve Campaigns

Delegations for Olympic bid cities vying to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games this week are travelling to Tokyo, the host city for the 2020 Games, to learn from Rio Games organizers as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) conducts a Games debrief.  Last week delegations attended individual IOC Candidate City Workshop in Lausanne.  The IOC and bid cities Budapest, Los Angeles and Paris hope that interactive participation with Games experts and stakeholders will help in the development of better Olympic plans.

Paris 2024 delegation attends bid city workshop in Lausanne (Paris 2024 Photo)

Paris 2024 delegation attends bid city workshop in Lausanne (Paris 2024 Photo)

Balazs Furjes, Chairman of Budapest 2024 said about his trip to Japan “our aim is to get a more detailed understanding of the critical success factors underlying the world’s biggest and most inspirational sporting and peacetime event, the Olympic Games, and how Budapest can help meet the needs and priorities of the Olympic Movement.”

“Budapest is taking every opportunity to learn from and collaborate with the Olympic experts in building a bid which demonstrates that Budapest is the right sized city at the right time to host the 2024 Olympic Games; the real alternative.

“We must focus on analysis of Games plans, priorities, and of course on containing costs, especially how in these times of global uncertainty, but still ensure the spectacular sporting performances we saw in Rio which thrilled and engaged the world”.

LA 2024 Chairman Casey Wasserman said of his visit to Tokyo “the Rio 2016 Games provided the world with stunning images of sport set to inspire young people everywhere, and that’s why we’re sending LA 2024 executives to study how to build upon Rio 2016’s successes. We’ll be paying careful attention to how we can go above and beyond to deliver the best, most personalized experience for athletes and fans.

Delegations in Lausanne last week discussed the key themes of the Candidature File Part 3, Games Delivery, Experience and Venue Legacy, ahead of its delivery on February 3.  Paris was the final city to attend in meetings that concluded Friday

Paris 2024 bid chief executive Etienne Thobois said Friday, “we are so grateful to the IOC for inviting us to attend today’s workshop in Lausanne, which has enabled us to benefit from the wealth of experience that the IOC has gained over the years.”

“Today, we were able to get some feedback about the main features of our Games plan which gave us great confidence about the many assets and very robust character of our project.  We feel we are firmly on track ahead of the delivery of the Candidature File Part 3 in February next year.”

He added, “today’s workshop, together with the Official Debrief of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Tokyo next week, will allow us to fine tune our final bid book submission and enter the next phase of the campaign in very good shape and with great enthusiasm.”

Anthony Piqueras, Paris 2024 Technical Director said “coming a few weeks before the submission of the third and final bid book, this workshop will help us to fine tune the Paris 2024 technical project.”

LA 2024 CEO Gene Sykes attends the Peace and Sport Conference in Monaco (LA 2024 Photo)

LA 2024 CEO Gene Sykes attends the Peace and Sport Conference in Monaco (LA 2024 Photo)

“The very positive comments expressed today on our very compact Games plans, as well as the great feedback received after the International Federations’ visits in Paris, show how Paris 2024 is ready to deliver a second to none experience for all stakeholders. This workshop was a great opportunity to underline our strengths.”

Following LA 2024’s workshop that was held last Tuesday, the bid CEO Gene Sykes visited the Peace and Sport Forum held in Monaco and he said: “Peace and Sport has done remarkable work in promoting peace around the world and LA 2024 is committed to learning as much as we can from them.”

“We all recognize that sport has an unrivaled power to unite communities and help foster a more peaceful future but it is our job to ensure that we realize this potential.”

Early in December the IOC Executive Board will receive a dashboard report from the bid Evaluation Commission and will determine which of the candidate cities qualify to move to the final phase of the campaign which will include site evaluations in April and May.  It is likely the three active bids will be given the nod to continue and that Rome, after the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) was forced to suspend operations last month when city council withdrew support, will be officially excluded from the race.

The remaining bids will make technical presentations to IOC members and Summer Olympic Federations in Lausanne in July after the release of the full evaluation report.

The IOC will select the host city September 13, 2017 in Lima, Peru.