Salzburg Tops BidIndex 2010, Vancouver Drops has updated BidIndex for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games which is highlighted by a 1.18 point drop by Vancouver.

Vancouver’s Bid hopes had been buoyed after the announcement of the unprecedented early signing of a multi-party agreement which would support the organization of the Games, however more recent events have injected uncertainty. The election of a new mayor who supports a plebiscite as well as some legal issues on Crown corporation donations reveal weaknesses and a possible erosion of public support.

The drop leaves Vancouver with a BidIndex of 60.70, still behind Salzburg after it’s bid increased 0.15 points to 64.45 on news of the granting of government guarantees that are required by the IOC.

Pyeongchang trails at 50.82, down 0.13 points.

BidIndex is a model developed by that when applied to an Olympic Bid, produces a number that can be used to rate a bid relative to others in the past – and possibly gauge it’s ultimate success.