PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Bid Continues To Lead BidIndex; Munich Closes In

PyeongChang maintains possession of the best BidIndex score heading into the final election, but Munich continues to improve keeping this 2018 Olympic Winter Games bid very close with one week left in the campaign.

On Wednesday, released an update to BidIndex – the de facto Olympic bid measurement standard – designed to calculate how similar bids are to winning bids in the past based on International Olympic Committee (IOC) voting patterns.

The South Korean bid scored 66.17, off 0.12 points from the highest score ever recorded by a PyeongChang bid set last month. Munich jumped up 0.84 points to 65.83 – the bid’s highest score in the campaign – and it couldn’t have come at a better time as the election quickly approaches.

Annecy sits well back despite an increase of 1.01 points to 54.86. The bid has struggled throughout the process due to inexperience, funding issues and a mid-campaign leadership change.

“The race is getting closer,” said Rob Livingstone, Producer of

“Munich has the momentum needed to win this race but PyeongChang has very strong fundamentals.

“In order to win, the bids will have to work hard in Durban to complete their campaigns on a positive note. The final presentation could be the deciding factor.”

The last BidIndex update was May 19, shortly after the bid’s made important presentations to the IOC in Lausanne. Only minor fundamental changes have been factored into the current update, possibly the final one before the bid election in Durban on July 6.

BidIndex is based on technical bid plans, on-site evaluations, and a comprehensive statistical history of IOC voting patterns. Because the IOC often does not elect the technically best bids – BidIndex determines which bid “best fits” the way International Olympic Committee members typically vote.

BidIndex has evaluated the past 5 Olympic bid races and has been extremely successful in separating the top contending bids from the cities that the IOC just isn’t interested in. In the most recent evaluation, BidIndex determined that Rio de Janeiro was most likely to host the 2016 Olympic Games among four candidates.

The final vote for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games host city will take place at the IOC session in Durban, South Africa on July 6.

Annecy: 54.86 (+1.01)
Munich: 65.83 (+0.84)
PyeongChang: 66.17 (-0.12)

On Thursday will publish a summarized analysis of BidIndex and how it trended throughout the 2018 campaign

More information and full BidIndex details can be found on the BidIndex results page; or send email to BidIndex(at) or click on our “contact us” page for more information.

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