London 2012 Surges In Latest BidIndex Update today released an update to BidIndex for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games bid. The update comprehends information included in candidate city bid books and from events and information that have recently unfolded. This is the final update prior to next month’s anticipated release of the IOC candidate evaluation report on June 6.

Paris maintains the highest score, 65.88, down 0.63 from the last update. A fundamentally strong plan makes the bid a top contender in the race.

The biggest gain goes to London, up 2.32 to 63.40, strengthened by a continuously aggressive style and highly competitive plan that will attract the attention of IOC members.

Madrid is off 0.80 to 61.11, a good score indicating that it is a strongly competitive bid but held back due to new security fears, while New York increased 0.73 to 59.62 to close in.

Moscow’s bid continues to exhibit deficiencies that will need to be improved on future bids. The Russian bid fell 0.51 to 49.77 – a score indicating that it is not likely a contender in this race.

In comparison, for the 2008 Olympic bid winner Beijing had a record-high BidIndex score of 75.44 while Toronto scored 63.79 and Paris rated 58.71.

The next BidIndex update is expected after the June 6 release of the IOC evaluation report.

BidIndex, a model developed by statisticians and bid experts at, has been successfully used since 2001. It is comprised of over 100 critical fundamentals and information obtained from experts and Olympic insiders. BidIndex was reviewed in the March 2004 edition of Significance Magazine, a publication by the Royal Statistical Society.

BidIndex is not intended to rate or rank the bids based on technical quality, but on how the bids will perform based on IOC statistical voting patterns. History has proven that the best technical bids often do not win but other factors such as geo-politics usually have a significant impact.

Full BidIndex details can be found on the BidIndex page or send a message for more information or comments from BidIndex developers.

BidIndex Results
Paris, 65.88 (down 0.63)
London, 63.40 (up 2.32)
Madrid, 61.11 (down 0.80)
New York, 59.62 (up 0.73)
Moscow, 49.77 (down 0.51)

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