Releases Final Scheduled BidIndex For 2010 Olympic Bid today released an update to BidIndex for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. This will likely be the final update before the International Olympic Committee (IOC) chooses a winner on July 2.
Minor changes to bid plans in response to the IOC evaluation report are the main contributing factors to this update.

PyeongChang, South Korea still trails the field and posted a small loss of 0.07 to 60.05. The Korean bid has remained largely unchanged since the evaluation report.

The BidIndex for Vancouver, Canada rose 0.36 to 65.31 on minor changes to the plan that were suggested by the IOC. These changes also included increased accomodations for the media near Whistler to compensate for the large distance between Vancouver and the ski resort.

Salzburg, Austria continues to hold the lead with a BidIndex of 66.82 on a 0.27 increase. Salzburg made some significant changes to its venue plan resulting in a more compact offering and answering some IOC concerns. The changes weren’t without consequence however as Kitzbuhel raised controversy by threatening to pull out of the bid. The issue has since been resolved.

The difference between Vancouver and Salzburg – 1.51 points – is considered very small and almost inconsequential heading into the final vote. For comparison – just prior to the 2008 election Beijing had a BidIndex of 75.44 and Toronto had 63.79. These bids finished first and second respectively and Beijing won by a large margin.

BidIndex is a model developed by that when applied to an Olympic Bid, produces a number that can be used to rate a bid relative to others in the past – and possibly gauge it’s ultimate success. You can view BidIndex 2010 details on the BidIndex Website.

BidIndex will be halted by July 1, 2003 in anticipation of the July 2 election and there will be no further updates. will be publishing a complete BidIndex 2010 summary on Friday.
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