Releases BidIndex Update For The 2010 Olympic Bid today released an update to BidIndex for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. This is the first update to comprehend the impact of the Bid Books released by the three remaining candidates last month.

Pyeongchang, South Korea still trails the field but posted the strongest gain of 2.20 to 53.02 as a result of a positive candidacy file and continued strong public and government support. Perceived risks caused by the recent aggressions of North Korea had a small impact on the downside.

The BidIndex for Vancouver, Canada fell by 1.57 points to 59.13 as a result of questionable public and government support and the uncertainty of an upcoming City Plebiscite. A strong bid book and candidacy plans kept the bid in second spot, close behind the leader.

Salzburg, Austria continues to hold the lead with a BidIndex of 64.18 despite a drop of 0.27. A strong candidacy file was already expected from Salzburg so its release had little effect. The increasing field of European bidders for the 2012 Summer Games created downward pressure on Salzburg’s results – the bid could lose votes from European IOC members hoping to keep the 2012 “window” open for their continent.

BidIndex is a model developed by that when applied to an Olympic Bid, produces a number that can be used to rate a bid relative to others in the past – and possibly gauge it’s ultimate success.

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