BidIndex For New York, San Francisco Updated

With just three days to go before US Olympic Committee voters decide to endorse either New York or San Francisco for a 2012 Olympic Bid, has released an update to BidIndex that comprehends events over the last few weeks.

San Francisco increased its margin above New York despite a drop of 2.41 to 66.64. Several minor adjustments based on new information released in Bid documents were behind the drop.

New York fell 3.46 to 62.85 setting a new BidIndex low for their campaign. Several factors affected the decline including questions about the controversial Tax Increment Financing Plan, a leaked Bear Stearns report that predicts that the organizing costs could skyrocket from NYC2012 Bid estimates and increasing public opposition to the bid in New York.

The International Olympic Committee is looking for financially stable bids with good public support and BidIndex evaluates the bids based on how they can compete internationally.

BidIndex is a model that when applied to an Olympic Bid, produces a number that can be used to rate a bid relative to others – and possibly gauge it’s ultimate success. The USOC will choose its nomination November 2.