Berne “Halted” on BidIndex 2010 has “halted” Berne’s BidIndex which rates its 2010 Olympic Winter Games bid. A Swiss referendum to decide whether voters approve funding for the Games occurs Sunday, and a negative result will put Berne’s bid in serious jeopardy, possibly leading to its withdrawal from the race.

The “halted” status indicates that there is critical news pending and that BidIndex will need to be updated to reflect this news when it becomes available. The referendum results are expected late Sunday and BidIndex will be updated sometime following.

This spring, the BidIndex for Andorra la Vella was halted for several days when its viability was in question and a feasibility report was due. BidIndex was reactivated when positive news was reported from the bid. Andorra was later eliminated from the race when it missed the IOC short-list.

BidIndex is a model that when applied to an Olympic Bid, produces a number that can be used to rate a bid relative to others – and possibly gauge it’s ultimate success.